2018 December 21 12:05

I thought that there should be at least one post from 2018. So here it is!

Contrary to appearances, muforth is not dead! I’ve been working – sometimes feverishly! – on muforth since my last post in the spring of 2017, but I’ve obviously been terrible about reporting on the project’s progress.

For the last couple of weeks I have been focused on two related projects. One project generates muforth equates files for NXP/Freescale Kinetis ARM processors from CMSIS-SVD files (initially focused on supporting the Freescale FRDM boards); the other generates equates from ST Micro’s C .h files for their STM32F0, F1, F4, and L1 processors (initially focusing on four chips found on their series of Discovery boards: STM32F051x8, STM32F303xC, STM32F407xx, and STM32L152xB).

The Kinetis project is on GitHub; the STM32 project is currently not public, but I’m hoping to change that soon.

Maybe 2019 will be the year that muforth really shines on Cortex-M hardware!

Of course, that’s not all that has happened. Since my last update in May 2017 there have been 182 commits to the project! Scrolling through the git log, I find the following points of interest:

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